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Grant call for foreign investors

„TUI INVEST (Direct foreign investments (FDI)“
Central West Lithuania (Vilnius district is not eligible)
Application submission deadline 2024-05-31.
Total budget of the call: 6 million Euros
Eligible applicant
The applicant is a private legal entity established (acquired) in the Republic of Lithuania by a foreign investor (legal entity(ies) and/or natural person(s)) over which the foreign investor has a decisive influence, or a foreign investor (company), or a foreign branch established by the investor (company) in the Republic of Lithuania and which meets one of the following conditions:
  • SME;
  • is a large company when it cooperates with SMEs.
The income of the applicant (including the group of companies) during the last 3 financial years (calculated as the total amount of income) is not less than the requested amount of financing. It is evaluated according to the company's (or group of companies') approved financial reporting documents for the last 1-3 years or according to the signed interim financial reporting documents submitted by the applicant, when the applicant was established in the same year as the submitted application.
Eligible partner
  • SME (among them Universities) or large company (among them Universities), if the applicant is SME;
  • SME, when the applicant is a large company.
Grant amount, intensity The maximum amount of grant is EUR 2,000,000.
The minimum amount of grant is EUR 140,000.
Research activity intensity is from 50 to 80 percent, depending on the size of the company and partnership in the project.  
Development activity intensity is from 25 to 60 percent, depending on the size of the company and partnership in the project.  
85 percent for patenting expenses (de minimis).
Funded activity Promotion of high added value (HVA) FDI: R&D implementation and cooperation and technology transfer between large companies and SMEs in the fields of technology and innovation in the Central and Western Lithuania region.
Eligibility criteria
  1. All project activities (both of the applicant and the partner(s)) are implemented in the region of Central and Western Lithuania.
  2. The duration of the project is up to 36 months.
  3. If the project is implemented with a partner(s), the applicant must experience at least 50% of the eligible expenses.
  4. If there is an increase in the financing part of the project for partnership, the applicant must experience no more than: 70 percent eligible expenses; 90 percent eligible expenses if the partner or one of the partners is an University.
Eligible costs
  1. Salary and business trips of the staff implementing the project.
  2. Expenditure on tools and equipment, taking into account the extent and period for which they are used for the project.
  3. Costs of R&D services and costs of contract research, know-how and patents purchased or licensed from outside sources under normal market conditions, as well as costs of consulting and equivalent services used solely for the project. (up to 50% of eligible costs).
  4. Costs related to other operational costs, including costs for materials, low-value inventory, stocks and similar products attributable to short-term assets, directly related to R&D activities.
  5. Equipment rental costs.
  6. Building or premises rental costs (up to 10% of eligible costs).
  7. Indirect costs - 7 percent fixed rate.
Patenting costs:
  1. 85 percent funding intensity.
  2. De minimis aid.
  3. Up to 30 000 Euros grant.
  4. The costs of patenting developed products are eligible for financing only if they are related to R&D activities planned for the project.
  5. Eligible only for the applicant.
  6. Eligible patenting costs:
    1. Patent attorneys provided services related to the patenting of inventions.
    2. Fees for patenting inventions.
Priorities 1.    Project efficiency (income from created products).
2.    The level of significance of the products and/or technologies created during the project.
3.    Level of technological readiness (before and after the project).
4.    The product and/or technology planned to be created during the project is sustainable (environmentally friendly).
5.    It is planned to create an innovative product using high-impact technology.
High-impact technologies - technologies where an innovative product is produced using components, advanced manufacturing systems or advanced materials, or based on life science technologies, nanotechnology, or microelectronics and/or nanoelectronics and photonics, or created using artificial intelligence, or implementing security and communication technologies.
High-impact technologies are listed on the official website of the European Commission https://research-and-innovation.ec.europa.eu/research-area/industrial-research-and-innovation/key-enabling-technologies_en and described in more detail on the official website of the European Parliament

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