• Individual approach
    Personal communication and attentiveness to each client's needs and problems.
  • Professionalism
    An experienced, creative and attentive team of professionals.
  • Competence
    Staged on the business idea is born until its realization.
  • Values
    We feel responsible for the environment, and strive to achieve a positive contribution to the future of Lithuania.


100% of our company professionals have a higher education. All the experts have university bachelor, master, PhD (doctor) degrees.

We have prepared more than 180 applications for EU Structural Funds funding, of the total budget of over 120 million Euro.

Our prepared and approved projects under the following measures:

Business establishment, development, expansion
(Intellect LT, IntelectLT+, New Opportunities, e-Business, etc.)
78 projects      40 mln. Eur.
Inochecks LT 21 projects 0,12 mln. Eur.
Ministry of Education Measures 20 projects 5,6 mln. Eur.
Local action groups projects 13 projects 1,9 mln. Eur.
Human Resources Development 15 projects 1,7 mln. Eur.
Communications and transport 11 projects 56,2 mln. Eur.
Business establishment, development, expansion in rural areas 
("Support for business establishement and development",
Diversification into non-agricultural activities“, etc.)
9 projects 5,65 mln. Eur.
Environment 6 projects 2,1 mln. Eur.
Norwegian and Swiss funds 4 projects 1,74 mln. Eur.
Intelligent Managment Systems 2 projects 2,9 mln. Eur.
Information safety 1 project 4,3 mln. Eur.


We have prepared over 30 sets of projects documentation for other international programs / funds (EUREKA, HORIZON, FP5, FP6, FP7, INTERREG, TEMPUS, PHARE, ERASMUS, NORDIC NEIGHBOUR PROJECT, the Eastern European Partnership Program and other funds) for funding.

We have managed the administration of more than 33 projects of the EU structural funding, the total project budget of over 24 million Euros.

We have prepared more than 11 investment projects.

We have prepared more than 25 feasibility studies.

We have fulfilled more than 7 publicity contracts.

We have prepared more than 40 sets of public procurement documentation.

We send the list of prepared projects, under the customers' request.