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    Staged on the business idea is born until its realization.
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    We feel responsible for the environment, and strive to achieve a positive contribution to the future of Lithuania.

Investment Projects

The investment project is detailed description of the planned project implementation, where the investment objectives are technically and financially justified, an assessment of the need for funds, return on investment, various risks are made, the financing sources and terms are expected. In the investment project all the possibilities of the project implementation are assessed, the optimal implementation solution is selected and the methods of the project implementation, costs, results, outcomes are fully justified.

The preparation of the investment project:

  • detailed analysis of the problem, which initiates the project, is performed;
  • the need for specific changes, which are achieved through the implementation of the investment project, is justified;
  • the analysis of the project feasibility and alternatives is performed;
  • a plan of action is formed;
  • the analysis of the project cost-benefit is performed.

The investment project for the business development – the market demand for the goods production or services is evaluated, the competitive environment, business risks and possibilities to reduce them are assessed, cash flows are predicted, and private investors’ funds are attracted.

 The professional help of experts of JSC Consultus Magnus will help to prepare the investment project properly, to choose the most efficient option of the funds absorption and to organize the project implementation.