• Individual approach
    Personal communication and attentiveness to each client's needs and problems.
  • Professionalism
    An experienced, creative and attentive team of professionals.
  • Competence
    Staged on the business idea is born until its realization.
  • Values
    We feel responsible for the environment, and strive to achieve a positive contribution to the future of Lithuania.

Belarusian businessmen move to Lithuania

The current unpredictable economic situation in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine forces businessmen to seek a safe haven for their money and ideas in the West. From year to year the number of companies that have moved from the CIS countries to Lithuania is increasing. More: http://www.investlithuania.com/news/belarusan-businessmen-move-to-lithuania/?category=23 More

Revel Systems Announces Opening of IT Division in Lithuania to Meet Rising Customer Demand

Revel systems, the world’s leading iPad Point of Sale platform, today announced the official opening of its IT division in Vilnius, Lithuania. The opening is a result of strong customer demand across Europe for Revel’s secure, intuitive iPad POS systems. More than 10,000 Revel iPad POS terminals are deployed worldwide. The Lithuanian office currently employs 9 IT engineers, with plans to grow the office to 50 by the year’s end. The division is focused on product distribution and regional customer support across Europe. More: http://www.investlithuania.com/news/revel-systems-announces-opening-of-it-division-in-lithuania-to-meet-rising-customer-demand/?category=23 ... More

Norwegian oil & gas technology company CSUB opts for Lithuania

The Norwegian company CSUB (former Sorkomp), which works with oil and gas technologies, is launching a production division in Klaipeda. In the short run, CSUB LT plans to create 50 new jobs for engineers, welders, and other specialists. The company is also considering expansion in Lithuania. More: http://www.investlithuania.com/news/norwegian-oil-gas-technology-company-csub-opts-for-lithuania/ More

Finns are investing hefty sums in Lithuania and creating more jobs than anyone else

Finnish investments generated more jobs in Lithuania than any other foreign investment in 2014. Finland made nearly 30 million euros worth of new direct investments last year, retaining its position from 2013 as the country’s eighth largest foreign investor. The most significant foreign investors in Lithuania were Cyprus, Latvia and Sweden. However, the direct investments made by Finland in 2014 generated the largest amount, at 20 per cent, of Lithuania’s new jobs created by direct foreign investments. In 2012, there were approximately 170 Finnish companies altogether in Lithuania, employing over 10,200 people. Most of the investment projects launched by Finns have been orient... More

GlobalHRU Relocates to Vilnius, Lithuania

One of the fastest growing Human Resources-focused event and learning companies, GlobalHRU, announces the transfer of all operations to Vilnius, Lithuania. GlobalHRU, owner and operator of global event concepts #HRU and HRTechTank, is moving to Lithuania, where it will centralize its technology development and event management  teams. The consolidated teams will launch the development of a social learning platform for human resources professionals and support GlobalHRU’s growing events operations. GlobalHRU’s Vilnius headquarters will be responsible for all back office operations, marketing, partnerships and technology. GlobalHRU is building a social learning platform to c... More
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