• Individual approach
    Personal communication and attentiveness to each client's needs and problems.
  • Professionalism
    An experienced, creative and attentive team of professionals.
  • Competence
    Staged on the business idea is born until its realization.
  • Values
    We feel responsible for the environment, and strive to achieve a positive contribution to the future of Lithuania.

Grant call for foreign investors

„TUI INVEST (Direct foreign investments (FDI)“ Central West Lithuania (Vilnius district is not eligible) Application submission deadline 2024-05-31. Total budget of the call: 6 million Euros   Eligible applicant   The applicant is a private legal entity established (acquired) in the Republic of Lithuania by a foreign investor (legal entity(ies) and/or natural person(s)) over which the foreign investor has a decisive influence, or a foreign investor (company), or a foreign branch established by the investor (company) in the Republic of Lithuania and which meets one of the following conditions: SME; is a large company when it coop... More

Guide for Belarusian companies, employees, and their families to relocate to Lithuania

We want to make relocation as simple as possible. By following our guide, companies that meet certain investment criteria will be able to relocate to Lithuania within 3 business days and set up business operations in less than 1 month. The procedures are also rather simple for people wishing to relocate. We hope the guide has all the information you need, and if you have more questions – simply reach out to us! More: https://investlithuania.com/relocation-and-living-for-belarusian-companies-families-to-lithuania/ More

US software R&D company Auriga Announces Expansion of European Branch in Vilnius

Auriga, a US software R&D services provider, has announced plans to expand its operations in Vilnius, Lithuania. The expansion will see 70 additional engineers hired in Lithuania over the next three years. The company opened its office in Vilnius a decade ago. Established as Infort in 1990, Auriga has more than three decades of experience in delivering software engineering services for customers worldwide. Auriga’s first project was creating a database application for Hewlett-Packard, and the list of Auriga’s clients has since grown to include such household names as IBM, Chrysler, BroadVision, Draeger and others. More: https://investlithuania.com/news/us-software-rd-co... More

Dutch developer of high-end electronics Sintecs chooses Vilnius for R&D

Sintecs, a reputed Dutch electronics design company decided to open a R&D base in Vilnius. The company is looking to hire a developed engineering team that would allow delivering complex technical projects using in-house capacity. Before establishing Sintecs in 2000, its founder Hans Klos had worked as a consultant and analyst of high-speed electronic products, amassing a wealth of experience cooperating with European electronics giants such as Alcatel, ASML, Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Philips, Siemens, TI, and others. As the founder’s area of expertise was signal integrity, the company’s name, Sintecs, stands for Signal Integrity Consultancy Services. Mor... More

After raising $3.5M Stanhope Financial opens EU headquarters in Lithuania

Having obtained an Electronic Money Institution licence, financial technology start-up Stanhope Financial is opening an office in Vilnius to serve clients in EU. Stanhope Financial is a tier one banking services provider targeting small and medium sized business on a global scale. The company raised $3.5M in its first funding round in November for global expansion offering a suite of specialist services, including FX payments, treasury services and access to financing. In Lithuania, Stanhope Financial will continue developing the product part and serve SME’s in EU. More: https://investlithuania.com/news/after-raising-35m-stanhope-financial-opens-eu-headquarters-in-lithuania/ ... More
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