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London-based Artificial Intelligence Provider Invests in Lithuanian Data Dog

Satalia, a British artificial intelligence and data science company, has fully acquired Data Dog, a Kaunas-based IT company. For several years, both firms have been cooperating to develop business optimisation systems for clients like PwC and Tesco. With the merger, they will expand to developing a product portfolio of their own.

Satalia span out of University College London (UCL) in 2008 and today applies the latest AI technologies to solve optimisation problems for some of the world’s best-known companies. In recent years, and in collaboration with Data Dog, it has developed a leading capability in vehicle routing, workforce optimisation, infrastructure planning, churn analysis and price optimisation – and was recently recognised as one of London’s most exciting AI companies.

Data Dog was founded in 2011 in Kaunas, Lithuania, and has primarily focused on providing web and software development services to both local and global clients.
Data Dog’s 40+ employees will now fully integrate with the Satalia team, creating a total workforce of over 100 people, with expertise in software development, data science and optimisation.

“We started working with Data Dog in 2014 and have since developed a fantastic partnership. Whilst we both continued to serve our individual clients, we also started co-creating data science and optimisation solutions for a selection of large UK clients, including a vehicle routing system for Tesco and a workforce optimisation system for PwC” says Daniel Hulme, the CEO of Satalia.

“Both of these solutions were transformative, and proved the value of our joint capability. We decided to formalise our relationship by officially joining forces and we’re excited to say we finalised the deal this month,“ adds Hulme.

Satalia will continue to serve existing and future clients, and the acquisition of Data Dog will allow them to dedicate more resources to their ongoing AI projects. These projects include developing bespoke solutions for clients and accelerating the development of their AI products including Satalia Delivery, an AI-fueled vehicle routing system; Satalia Workforce, a workforce optimisation system; and the SolveEngine, an optimisation-as-a-service platform.

The company will grow in both locations, with the Lithuanian office looking to bring on Java and Python developers, optimisers, data scientists and quality assurance talent, as well as operational roles in project management, marketing, HR and finance.

Preliminary data indicates that Data Dog’s earnings in 2018 were €1.5 million or 15% more than a year ago.

Source: www.investlithuania.com